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Saturday September 30th 2017 - 11am-2pm - Westminster Restart Party, Church Street Library, 67 Church St, Westminster, London, NW8 8EU. Click HERE to say you're going.

Fri/Sat/Sun: 7/8/9th October 2017 Restart Fixfest: LSE New Academic Building, Wolfson Theatre, starting 7pm with speakers on three themes of Curiosity, Fairness, and Earth: Fixfest will bring together volunteer repairers and tinkerers, activists, policy-makers, thinkers, and companies from all over the world in the name of taking greater care of the things we own and better products. Join us for 3 days of talks, workshops, skillshares and exchange. Details/Booking

Wednesday October 11th 2017 - 11am-2pm - Kingston Restart Party, 164 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5HD. Click HERE to say you're going.

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