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Wednesday 15th February 2017: please join us for a KUTLETS evening of trading, meeting other members and eating. Bring items to trade and food for a pot luck shared supper. 6.45 - 9pm on at 4 Crescent Roa, Kingston on Thames, KT2 7QR. Hope to see you there, Lucy. Please get in touch if you need any more info about this evening Simone 07737 277470 Lucy 07962 944 944

Friday 10th March: 1-5pm: National Council for Independent Action: One Year On - 'Witness Seminar' at the London Welsh Centre, 157-163 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8UE. The event is free at the point of delivery! As usual we will have a bit of social time afterwards. Many of us in and around the NCIA are still around. There is a Facebook page. There is a 'Listeron' email discussion list. And the legacy NCIA website still fully operational for open free access to all the NCIA writings and materials. If you, colleagues or collaborators would like to come to the event, put the date in your diary now and drop an email here - saying 'yes I am coming' with your name, organisation/group'. We'll send you a full programme in the middle of February. Also if you would like to contribute (a) short slot (5 minutes) on your perspective on independent voluntary action' in March 2017 - also drop a line to the above email address. If you want a longer slot and you haven't already been in contact, let me know a title and three sentences. We'll have an opportunity to swap ideas like this on the day. Themes (from): Independence, voice, dissent, public space, insiders & outsiders, campaigning, civil society, volunteering, activism, citizen action, democracy, space between state and market , radical action, critical perspectives. etc. Issues (from): migrants and refugees, women, youth work, regeneration, welfare benefits, poverty, austerity, privatisation of public space, xenopobia, etc

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