Wanted Listings

Admin, Writing & Clerical work

Proof-reading Documents What I need urgently is someone to correct my documents for English. I have problems which require complaints lodged on various levels.

Computers: Setup/Assistance

Computer Clean-up I need help on making my IT safe while teaching me how to clean and remove viruses

Errands, Shopping, Transport

Occasional lifts I occasionally need lifts, mainly to transport large or heavy items. So a van or large estate car, as well as strong arms and back, would be an advantage.

Gardening & Yard Work

Plant cuttings We are always looking for plant cuttings to put on our pots or raised beds, especially anything that can be edible. If you have some edible plants of which you know they are easy to plant from cuttings, I'm really interested! Thanks

Household: Building & Repairs

Gardening and handyman Would like some occasional help with handyman tasks
Household repairs and decorating - painting, fixing curtain poles and decorating

Household: Cleaning & Clearing

House Tidying & Cleaning My cleaning lady has gone AWOL. Can you help keep me from utter chaos.

Items for Sale or Hire

Second-hand clothing I'm not looking for anything special at the moment, but if you happen to have clothes you don't want anymore and don't know what to do with, I can always be interested. It would be either for me (women's clothes, size between 8 and 12 depending on brand) or for my kids (one is aged almost 9 and the other is 6).
Sofa - Armchair - Furniture Looking for a sofa or armchairs for our living room. Also looking for various furniture for bedroom/living room and garden.

Languages & Teaching

Books in Spanish I'm looking for some books in Spanish to borrow, for quite short periods of time. At the moment I'm rather reading South-American novels, but I'm open to any suggestions. My level is still not fantastic though, so if it's easier, it's better.


Tuition to play the Piano Accordian We recently retrieved our accordion from the loft, I never learned to play it before, and would now like to do so.

Personal: Health/Therapy/Care

Medicinal plants and herbal tea I'm interested in the properties of plants, and have tried to learn a bit with books, but if there is someone here who knows things about them, that would be much more interesting! Also I'd like to learn how to create my own herbal teas in the future, so that, if someone has the knowledge, I'd be happy to learn where to buy the herbs and how to mix them.


Gardening help Help lifting and moving things