Offered Listings

- Events

Economic literacy as a defence against confused economists Please note change of venue: Level 6, Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Center Thursdays 3pm to 5pm (flexible). Do not let the word Economics intimidate you: Economics is the simplest of the Social Sciences but Economists have made it obscure during the last hundred years. Understanding Real World Economics is a requirement for effective participation in the life of society. Economist Joan Robinson warned us: The purpose of studying economics is... to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists. (0.00 links)
KUTLETS Socials Please join us for a KUTLETS evening of trading, meeting other members and eating. Bring items to trade and food for a pot luck shared supper. 6.45-9pm: third Wednesday of the month: at Kingston Environment Centre, 1 Kingston Road, New Malden KT3 3PE, Hope to see you there.

Accommodation & Room Hire

Holiday Let - Wales We are offering a fantastic little farmhouse in Mid Wales on the river Vyrnwy for holiday lets. The property is situated amongst an ecological centre which can host workshops and events and accommodate large groups:

Admin, Writing & Clerical work

Administrative or Technical Work I'm in Oxford most of the time, but would be able to work remotely on admin or technical tasks (Saeeda - Mrs See's daughter).
Editing and proof reading Willing to edit and proofread up to 1000 words
Mr Bookkeeping, tax advice, payroll, accountancy (15.00 per hour links)

Arts & Crafts

Darning and Mending I am good at sewing and darning - even stockings - let me know what the problem is, and I'll see if I can fix it..
Prints Original artworks and prints. Approximately 1 link = 1 GBP of normal exhibition price (80-500 links)

Children & Childcare

Baby Sitting Audrey my girlfriend has extensive experience of babysitting and loves kids, happy to babysit evenings. I work from home and don't mind babysitting myself a couple of hours day time. N8 area mainly. (hourly rate 10 links)
Occasional babysitting Having two children myself, I can offer some short-time babysitting during the week-ends, like one or two hours to allow you to do some shopping without your kids around your legs.


Event Cuisine I can prepare home cooked African and Caribbean meals for your party, anything up to 20 people.
Wine courses As a wine passionate and professional, happy to share my passion and provide wine training/tutorial at mine or yours. North London preferably, (hourly rate 10 links)

Household: Building & Repairs

Help to redesign your home If you'd like to change your home - having a new colour scheme, re-arranging furniture, changing the use of rooms, but are not sure how, I can help you. (Hourly rate 20-25 links)

Household: Cleaning & Clearing

Moving/Cleaning/Gardening Young and tall, happy to help elderly people to move things and clear garden or home furniture. (hourly rate 10 links)

Items for Sale or Hire

Camping Tents - various sizes - and Groundsheets - We are having a clear-out and have found several tents and other bits and pieces, which are taking a lot of space. They would have been left behind at a camp many years ago. Please reply ASAP if you are interested as we have also put them on Freecycle. You can come and inspect them, and make an offer in "links".
Many household items for sale I'm having a big clearout and have many duplicate and triplicate things. Approximately 1 GBP (of, say eBay value) = 1 link (varies links)

Languages & Teaching

Books and music in French If you are interested in reading in French e.g. to improve your language level, or just for fun, we have a lot of books in French and I can offer advice on them. I can also lend some CDs of French singers.
English Language tuition I'm a qualified teacher, I used to teach infants and later specialised in Adult Literacy. I can adapt my method to your needs, whether for handwriting, spelling, or speech training.
French Lessons Practice Happy to help children and adults practising their French for school or pleasure. North London area preferably. (hourly rate 10 links)
German English (bilingual) I'm bilingual and can help you with German. I can't take on long translations or give tuition over a long period but am happy to help with shorter texts and with conversation. (Hourly rate 15-25 links)

Personal: Advice & Counselling

Advice on wardrobe If you'd like to clear out your wardrobe, if you've changed weight, hair colour, age (who hasn't?) and some of your old clothes don't fit or suit you any more, I can advise you on what to clear out, what to alter or put aside, etc. (Hourly rate 20-25 links)
Hypnotherapy - I am certified Psychodynamic Counsellor.
Life / Career Coaching Coaching gives time in our busy lives to focus on ourselves. Using powerful questions and exercises you will be question long held beliefs and barriers so that you can make career or positive life changes. I can offer one-off sessions or a series of sessions depending on your individual needs. To find out more please email me. (30 per hour, part , part links)

Personal: Health/Therapy/Care

Hairdressing "Simon McAndrew knows his stuff" (Time Out London 2007) I visit clients across London and have been doing so since before 2007. I can be with you within 2hrs. My guideline prices are 50 for a haircut or blow-dry however I am happy to accept up to 25 of this in links. I'm also great with children's hair. Search: "Simon McAndrew Hairstylist" I am fully insured and can provide enhanced DBS checks. (50 links)
Reflexology - this is a technique that applies gentle pressure to your feet or hands. It aims to bring about a state of relaxation and help the body's own healing. Please contact me by email if you are interested in booking a session.

Sports & Recreation

Lending touristic guides about France We have a couple of maps and touristic guides about nice French places we used to visit, which we would be happy to lend to someone going there on holidays. I can offer advice about holidays in France as well.


Economic Literacy Please note Change of venue for this event - understanding Economics is my main interest and I'm happy to share my learning in small group meetings. Meetings on Level 6, Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Center on Thursdays at 3pm to 5pm (flexible). Economist Joan Robinson warned us: The purpose of studying economics is... to learn how avoid being deceived by economists. Don't be intimidated by the word Economics. Economics is the simplest of the Social Sciences.


Conversation about Lifestyle Proposals Why Buy your Self? Why Buy Your Country? Why Buy The Money? Lets talk about this! Remember we are talking about 100units of money.

Work for/ Pay Londonwide LETS

Helping Members to Access their Account If you would like a one-to-one on accessing and updating your account, contact me. Perhaps we can arrange to meet up at a wifi cafe and invite others along.