Central Hub for LETS in London

You've heard about it, you've read about it, and now you've arrived in the right place to join LETS in London. LETS are Local Exchange Trading Schemes, in which friendship networks create value by exchanging goods and services, using our own community currency called "links".

Once logged in, members can use the facilities on this website to (i) find out about community events, (ii) peruse the Offers & Wants listings, (iii) contact other members, (iv) update your personal profile, (v) record your own offers, (vi) state your needs, (vii) make payments, (viii) send invoices, (ix) provide feedback, and (x) tithe into funds to support other members.

LETSlink London (LLL) has been supporting LETS in London since 1993.

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If you sometimes need a helping hand, and enjoy organising, sharing your skills, learning something new, or just meeting people - welcome, do join our network!